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Manufacturers & Exporters of Surgical, Dental & Beauty Instruments.

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Diagnostic, Anaesthesia & Other Instruments
Scalpels, Knives & Scalpel Handle
Dissecting & Tissue Forceps
Sponge, Dressing & Tissue Grasping Forceps Towel Clamps
Vessel Clips, Bulldog Clamps Haemostatic Forceps
Ligature, Hysterectomy & Compression Forceps Vaginal Clamps
Needle Holders, Suture Instruments
Probes, Pocket Instrument Set
Wound Retractors
Slef-Retaaining Retractors, Abdominal Retractors
Abdominal Surgery Intestinal & Rectal Instruments
Gall Bladder, Liver & Spleen Instruments
Genito-Urinary Instruments & Trocars
Vaginal Specula & Uterine Dillators
Uterine Probes, Uterine Dressing, Polypus & Ovum Forceps
Biopsy instrument and curettes
Obstetrics and Tracheotomy
Cardiovascular and thoracic surgery
Elevators, Bone Levers Raspatories , Bone Files, Bone Curettes
Bone Punches , Rongeurs
Mallets , Chisels And Guges
Bone Holding Forceps , Bone Rongeure , Bone Cutting Forceps
Plaster Instrument
Suction Instruments
Hospital wares
TC Instruments
Extracting Forceps (English Pattern)
Extarcting Forceps (With fitting Handle)
Extarcting Forceps (For children)
Root Splinter Forceps
Extracting Forceps (American Pattern)
Peristeel Elevators
Periosteal Elevators
Root Elevators
Elevator Plastic Handle
Scalpel Handles
Handle & Mouth Mirrors
Endodontic Condensers
Obturation Instruments
Amalgam Pluggers /Condensers /Applicators
Cord Packers , Hatchets , Hoes
Cement spatulas
Placement instrument ,Stopping , Stoppers , Plugg
Wax Carvers
Plastic Filling Instruments
Composite Placement
Knives Interproximal Files
Rabber Dam Instruments
Dental products
Wax-porcelain & cement instruments
Wax & modeling carves, cement spatulas
Micro Surgery Set
Impression Trays
Files, Hoes & Knives
Crane-Caplan, Chisels
Hollow Ware
Wax Knives
Bone Curettes
Implants Instruments
Amalgam Guns & Carriers
Retainers, Bands, Strip Holder Clips, Napkin holder
Bone Files
Bone Chisels
Bone Chisels Bone Mallets
Crown Removers
Suction Tubes , Bone Pluggers & Rongeurs
Measuring Instruments
Tungsten Carbide Instruments
Bone Screws
Cannulated Screws
Special Plates Fixation
Angled Blade Plates
DHS/DCS Implants
Reconstrucion Plates
Mini Fragment Plates
Spine Fixation
Special Plates
Orthopedic Instruments
Professional Hair Cutting Scissors
Barber & Dressing Scissors
Professional Thinging Scissors
Nail & Cuticle Scissors
Cuticle Fine Scissors
Fancy Scissors
House Hold & Tailor Scissors
Multipurpose Plastic Handle Scissors
Eye Brow Tweezers
Eye Brow, Jeweller & Watch Tweezers
Nail and Skin Care Items
File and Tip Cutters
File, Scrapers & Corn Cutters
Cuticle Nail Nippers
Nail Cutter
Nail clippers
Different Packing & Kits
Beauty Care Kits
barber Kits
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 Surgical Instruments Pdf
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